The rich variety of puddles in the much-loved Thames-side park of Victoria Tower Gardens in the heart of London…

Victoria Tower and ornamental cherry

As many of you will know, if you follow me on Twitter-X or elsewhere, I enjoy photographing puddles, so if you scroll through the pictures below you will find puddles from all seasons reflecting Victoria Tower Gardens and some of its features and visitors. Also, as many will have noticed, we have had a lot of rain recently, which has given more photo-ops than usual.

Circles within circles
Tsunami waves from a fallen leaf
A cluster of raindrops spreading concentric circles
Artist at work
Crow, the centre of attention
Sip and kiss
Egyptian goose Narcissus
Fluffed up pigeon bathing
Puddle ghost
Reflection of the southern entrance to Victoria Tower Gardens
The willow bower in the playground, gradually greening
Garden maintenance
A canopy of plane trees
Reaching out
Reaching over
Reaching down
Summer green
Autumn gold
Puddle of gold
Leaf-filled golden puddle
Puddle selfie
Puddle at the end of a *Desire Path* reflecting glimpses of Victoria Tower and the Buxton Memorial

Sometimes it’s good to escape for a while from all the violence and uncertainty in the world, out of our control. I hope that looking through these pictures has been a distraction. And I hope, as it was enshrined in Law by an Act of Parliament in 1901, that there will always be free and unimpeded access to Victoria Tower Gardens for all.

Victoria Tower Gardens, under the care of The Royal Parks, was created by an Act of Parliament (Section 8 of the London County Council Improvements Act). Though the Act passed in 1900 required the gardens to be “laid out and maintained […] for use as a garden open to the public”, therefore prohibiting any construction, this much-loved, peaceful central London riverside park is under threat as the Government is now in the process of repealing the 1900 Act.

For further information on the threat to Victoria Tower Gardens see:
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