The Materials of Water

Hugely subjective but perhaps a welcome distraction from current political shenanigans, here follow impressions and interpretations suggested by the ever-changing surface of the River Thames.

Clingfilm across the River Thames beneath Lambeth Bridge

As the surface of the river is ruffled by wind, disturbed by tides, illumined from above, and churned by passing boats, with a little imagination it can reveal an array of fabrics and materials.

Reflection of light stretching across a clingfilm river
Stretched nylon
Rough woven wool
Faux leather
Worked leather
Heavy body acrylic paint
Silken folds
Shimmering silk
Silver lamé
Metallic dress material
Tie Dye
Thai silk

All images, apart from the last two captured in St. Katharine Docks, were taken along Lambeth Reach.