Port of Call 2

Spend a little time on, or around Tower Bridge, and you’ll see a lot of activity, not as in the past when this part of the Port of London was a teeming mass of cargo ships and barges but there’s certainly more movement than a few years ago. Not only has an effort been put […]

Two Rivers

Imogen Forster …its brown expansefilmy, torpid, featureless.The sandy edge gives wayunder my foot; a man is fishingfrom the log-jammed bank.This is not as I imagined it. Harassed by winter gulls, the archaic bird secures its knotted prey, swallows, and extinguishes the glinting silver string. The self-entangling fish and the glossy cormorant, head raised to the […]

Tugs on the Tidal Thames 2

As you walk along the banks of the central London Thames, you can see there’s no doubt about the sense of purpose of waste-towing Cory tugs passing on the river. Their names are a strong indication of their resolve. As Reclaim; Recovery; Redoubt; Regain; and Resource tow their barges up and downstream, you can watch […]